About us

Adeleens World of Dance was founded in August, 2011, by Adelina Kaudinova. It all began in a tiny house studio, which had space for only three students at the ballet bar. Once or twice a week a big classroom at the local dance studio was rented for group lessons. It was uncomfortable to work without a permanent place, so the decision was made to rent the space for our own studio. After several weeks of construction and equipment installation, the new studio space opened in August, 2012, and is functioning according to the new schedule.

Adeleens World of Dance is one of a kind dance studio, featuring education in character (folk-stage) dance, which roots from the synthesis of history, culture and everyday domestic life of the nations around the world. This type of education expands individual’s outlooks, raises cultural awareness, and widens one’s horizons.

The core discipline of our curriculum is classical dance or ballet, because it is the basis for all other dances and dance types. At the same time our students learn character and modern dance; stage acting skills and stage make-up.

The other unique feature of our studio is the adult class. We encourage parents to get involved in the dancing regardless of their age and/or occupation. Rehearsing and participating in the concerts together brings two completely different generations closer emotionally and physically, not mentioning the renovated look and feel of your own body (ballet is a complete and balanced workout).

We accept children as early as 3 years old, because we strongly believe in the benefits of early education. Dance strengthens the body: coordination, flexibility, muscles and joints; and also develops soul and mind: musicality, perception of beauty, self-discipline, personal growth, team work.

We aspire to develop love and passion for the art of dance in our students, so that each one of them may realize own creative potential and use it along with other skills in the future life.

Adelina Kaudinova graduated from Uzbekistan State Dance Academy in 1983. She was a soloist dancer in Uzbekistan State ensembles Shodlik and Bakhor, performing at international tours to: Peru, Japan, France, Switzerland, Austria, UAE, and Malaysia.

In 1997 she opened her own dance studio for children in the city of Tashkent, Uzbekistan. The name of the studio was “Guldasta”, which meant “the bouquet of flowers”. The curriculum consisted of folk-stage dances around the world, ballet, and modern dances. For the period of 10 years Adelina shared her love, passion and professionalism with over 1,000 students. For the most talented graduates of “Guldasta”, dancing became their profession, who then became dance instructors in other performing groups. Some of the graduates chose to stay and run “Guldasta”, channeling their energy towards raising new generation of talented dancers. Many other graduates found their destiny in various performing groups and continue to dance productively all around Europe and post-Soviet countries.

During these 10 years, around 100 dances were produced and staged at “Guldasta”. It is also important to mention that most of the costumes were personally designed by Adelina.

In 2008, together with her family, Adelina moved to Denver, CO; in 2009 she became one of the teachers at the local Science, Arts and Sports Center for Children. Adelina was hired to teach dance and choreography classes for children and teens. Soon, she organized dance class for adults. Both kids’ and adults’ groups took part in numerous concerts. Simultaneously with teaching at Science, Arts and Sports Center, Adelina tutored private students and worked on solo pieces at her home studio. Following the good tradition, Adelina continued to design costumes for her dances, and sew them by hand with the help of a seamstress for bulk orders.